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  • We want to implement an easy-to-use translation service!
  • We want to provide superior hospitality for those visiting Japan, in many different languages!

Multilanguage support is easily possible!! A translation service for those visiting Japan from overseas.

Feature 1:From just a QR code scan, a translated page appears

From just a QR code scan, it is possible to easily access a website with translations in multiple languages. As it can be viewed with the language settings of the user’s web browser, information can be speedily communicated.

Feature 2:19 languages supported! Superior hospitality in multiple languages is possible

A total of 19 languages (see below) are covered, and services which were until now difficult to provide in multiple languages become possible. Through offering superior hospitality in multiple languages, we support communication with those visiting Japan from overseas.

Feature 3:No modifications or apps are necessary, and implementation is a snap!

Large-scale modifications and installations of special apps on the user’s device are unnecessary! Use is possible by simply sticking or putting a QR code on your storefront signs or point-of-purchase displays. After implementation, no maintenance or other taxing work is required.

Image of the QR Translator translation display:

Other functions of the QR Translator:
  • Reads the translated text aloud

    It is also possible for QR Translator to automatically start reading the translated text aloud. QR Translator can be used as an audio guide in museums, for public guidance signs, and more.

  • Various SNS share buttons are equipped  

    Share buttons for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are equipped so that tourists can spread information themselves, furthering customer appeal with its high-quality content.

  • Insertion of images, video, and maps is possible
  • Information changes, updates, and customization are possible, etc.

Translation Service Languages(human translation, machine translation)

Totaling 19 languages (including Japanese)

Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, Tagalog, Turkish

Sample QRT Code for scanning

  • ※ One QR Code can display a maximum of 15 languages, and to display more than 15 languages, two QR Codes are necessary.
  • ※ Sample QR code was created for illustrative purposes.

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