Services for Municipalities

Special Fraud Damage Prevention Centers

While the diversification of special fraud schemes is a societal problem, utilization of our knowledge in constructing and operating contact centers and high-quality services will prevent the occurrence of damage from fraud before it happens, by calling attention to it, explaining how to deal with it, and introducing case studies about it.

Example of Operations:

Merits of entrusting our company:


  • "We want to heighten the awareness of residents concerning the dangers of fraud and prevent damages."


We contribute to reducing the number of victims of fraud before it occurs by attracting attention to the issue

  • Speedily reporting criminal activity and damage situations
  • Implementation intensive calling in potentially targeted areas
  • Implementing introductions to criminal modus operandi and preventative measures

For inquiries about call centers:0120-050513

Hours of Operation: Weekdays 9:00 - 17:30 (excluding Sat., Sun., holidays)

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