Services for Municipalities

"My Number" System Call Centers

With the introduction of the social security and tax number system (My Number System), various kinds of inquiries such as those regarding the system or complaints from residents are expected to be concentrated for a period of time. Please consider implementing our company’s contact center service as it is expected incoming calls may be difficult to handle and a tremendous amount of tasks may arise.

Example of Operations:

Merits of entrusting our company:


  • "We want to handle temporarily concentrated operations efficiently and with accuracy."


We construct and run operations utilizing our experience and knowhow

  • Please outsource all inquiries and other related tasks which increase suddenly with the enactment of the system to us.

For inquiries about call centers:0120-050513

Hours of Operation: Weekdays 9:00 - 17:30 (excluding Sat., Sun., holidays)

For inquiries via e-mail, click here