Services for Municipalities

Waterworks Reception Centers

At Waterworks Reception Centers, various customer inquiries and administrative procedures regarding waterworks are handled comprehensively.
In addition, supplementary operations like water bill payment reminder calls can be handled as well.

Example of Operations:

Merits of entrusting our company:


  • "We want to improve the satisfaction rate of residents through speedy and accurate responses regarding procedures and inquiries."


Improve the satisfaction rate of residents through a high response rate from the optimal allocation of personnel.


  • Personnel positioning is implemented in accordance with highly precise predictions
  • In addition to service commencement/termination procedures and responses to customer inquiries, services such as fee payment instruction are also implemented

For inquiries about call centers:0120-050513

Hours of Operation: Weekdays 9:00 - 17:30 (excluding Sat., Sun., holidays)

For inquiries via e-mail, click here