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  • "We have many invoices for communications fees and public utility charge invoices, and managing payments every month is so complicated it's giving us headaches."

In order to make payments all at once, NTT Marketing ACT integrates communications fees of several different locations and public utility invoices while providing a detailed statement for your records, which helps to reduce tasks and costs of making and managing payments.

Example of Implementation:

Invoices with which the One-Billing Service can be used are not limited to those from communications companies, but also include all invoices that the customer receives.

Detailed Call Statement for Each Telephone Number (example image):

Examples of utilization of detailed call statements for each telephone number
With the breakdown of items...
In the “Totals” section of the statement, items necessary to check can be confirmed. Furthermore, by using the filter function, narrowing down on a line is simple.
With the subtotal...
By using the filter function on the “Subtotal”, adding up each location / section or department can be completed instantly! Furthermore, addition of accounts is possible as well, if accounts are registered.
With customization...
By customizing the data provided to match the system specifications of the company, data can be imported as is, into the company’s system.
With the memo section…
Through entry of installation locations, intended uses, and line management numbers, etc., “Memo” sections can be utilized as a line management table.

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