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Voice of Customer (VOC) Analysis

Issues / Requests

  • "We want to run a business originating from the voices of our customers."
  • "We want to grasp and analyze how we are viewed by our customers."

From the popularization of the internet and social media with which anyone can easily put forth information, it is said that the voices of today’s consumers are stronger than ever. We will provide data with which to base company management, by introducing constructions that accurately analyze the voices of customers (consumers, etc.).

Target Primary Data Resource Data Collection Method Data Processing/Analysis Procedure Findings
Voice 1.Call Center Reception(recorded calls) Call content・history Transcription of conversation into text
Trend, Frequency, Factor Analysis, etc.
  • Different reception results, examples
    ex: trends in successful order receptions (or failures to receive orders)
  • Quantifying and evaluating customer opinions and complaints
Atypical data 2.Social Media (Twitter/blogs) Posts of consumers Qualitative data quantification
Analysis of buying behavior,
rival comparison analysis, etc.
  • Market assessment of products of one’s own company, other companies
  • Superiority, inferiority of one’s products
  • Product assessment of different consumption behavior processes
  • Promotion, etc., methods of information transmission
3.Text data analysis
  • Call histories
  • Questionnaires, comment entry columns, etc.
Voluntary text data (customer opinions, etc.) Qualitative data quantification,
hypothesis testing analysis, etc.
  • quantified evaluation of consumer response in contrast to the hypothesis of one’s company
  • acquisition of minority opinions
4.Website Questions entered by consumers(voice of access users)
  • ※ Introduction of Virtual Assist is a prerequisite
Trend/Frequency Analysis, Analysis Comprehensiveness
  • lack of data transmission to consumers
  • information that is difficult or easily misunderstood by consumers
  • Content lacking on the website (home page, etc.)

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