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Virtual Assistant

Issues / Requests

  • "We want to improve the quality of services for customers accessing our website."
  • "We want to curtail the number of incoming calls to the customer support center"

We will place a “Virtual Assistant” on your website to answer questions from customers in an interactive manner.
Virtual Assistant understands the sentences customers enter as questions, provides relevant answers, and guides the customers to the contents they require.

With its advanced technology system, Virtual Assistant will answer questions through the website as if it is having an actual conversation with the customer.

STEP1Customers enter “things I want to know” or “things I want to check”.

STEP2Virtual Assistant will display the relevant information as a response.

Solved is the dilemma which occurs when content increases and it becomes more difficult for customers to find information!!

Service Features

  1. Customer question resolution rate increases on the website.
    (question resolution rate: 30% → 70% maximum, after Virtual Assistant is introduced)
  2. The cost required for customer support is curtailed from the drop in second-time inquiries via telephone and e-mail, etc.
  3. We collect the voices of customers that access the website and accumulate “what customers want to know” as data.

For inquiries about call centers:0120-050513

Hours of Operation: Weekdays 9:00 - 17:30 (excluding Sat., Sun., holidays)

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