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Issues / Requests

  • We want to check the customer service quality of the contact center we’re running.

Feature 1:We objectively evaluate service quality from a “customer point of view” and a “professional point of view”.

Our well-experienced survey team analyzes and evaluates the service situation, understanding the true state of service quality through calling the contact center and e-mailing from the customer’s point of view. Problem points difficult to find through monitoring, etc., are extracted, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and sales.

(1)Definition of an Objective
After understanding your company’s call center operations, the objective of the investigation will be defined.
Prospective customers and situations, etc., are defined, and the content of the investigation is decided upon.
(2)Investigation Program Design
An investigation program is designed, with items to be evaluated and evaluation criteria included in the investigation contents.
An investigation team is built, and they build their knowledge about the products. Scenarios, investigation sheets and more are created.
(3)Execution of the Investigation
Through telephone calls and e-mails, the team carries out the investigation and the results are logged on the investigation sheet.
(4)Compilation / Analysis, Report
The results of the investigation are compiled and analyzed, and after extracting points which influence operation, an investigative report is submitted.
(5)After Flow
We prepare various solutions, and support in solving the problems brought to light.

For improvements in quality and productivity

Feature 2:Making the necessary improvements is a given, but areas where “strength” should be developed will also come to light.

We author an investigative report in which the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s contact center can be understood. We can also understand where your company stands within the field, calculating the differences between companies for strategy-making and other utilities.

Feature 3:Not just announcing the survey results, but offering support through to improvement.

We provide support for improvement in service quality and productivity, through proposing solutions of each kind for the issues that have come to light, such as “operation training”, “assessment (diagnostic) programs” “operation redesign” and more.

Examples of Investigative Reports:

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