Contact Center Solutions

Quick Assistance (Emergency Contact Centers)

Issues / Requests

  • "We want to set up an emergency response contact center immediately."

In response to the need for contact center immediately in an emergency, we implement our “short-period center set-up” service.

Features of Quick Assistance

Feature 1:From the time of application, a center can be ready to go the very next day at the earliest!

In preparation for emergencies, from setting up a system with space, equipment and necessary personnel secured, short-period center set-up is actualized.

Feature 2:Low-cost, as fees are only accrued during use!

Principally, no fees are necessary such as registration fees, monthly usage fees, or non-usage fees, etc. As fees are only charged during the period of use, the service can be used at a low cost.

Feature 3:Reception on various scales of operation!

From small-scale establishments with a handful of employees and above, various scales of operation systems can be built according to your requirements.

Example of Use:

We can help if…

Emergency Customer Reception Windows

“When some trouble occurs, it’s necessary to respond to customers rapidly, but implementing a reception window right away is impossible...right?”

Event / Campaign Service Windows

“It’s always so much work to get the reception system prepared when an event or campaign suddenly gets decided upon...”

BCP(Business Continuity Plan)Measures

“We want to have a business continuity plan at the ready, but keep regular costs to a minimum as much as possible. Is there any way to implement a system for reception only in times of emergency?”

Rapid Telephone Surveys

“We must set up a telephone survey in a short period of time, but the operations our company can carry out are not enough...”

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