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Issues / Requests

  • We want to objectively assess and verify whether or not contact center operations are running appropriately, and if there is a gap between how things should be and how they are.

As contact center professionals, NTT Marketing ACT runs an operational diagnostic for the center, bringing to light issues and problematic points of the current state, and presenting remedial measures and a course of action to strive toward the way things should be.

【Overview】Proposals for a course of action toward reformation, and clarification of the gap between the “current state” and “the way things should be”.

The assessment NTT Marketing ACT offers is not simply an analysis of service skills, but a diagnostic from multiple different surveying methods about the status of operation in every field of the contact center. From this assessment, critical problems and issues are ascertained, and in alignment with the fields of management in your company, a course of reformation toward making your contact center into the way it should be is proposed.

Contact Center Assessment Implementation Process

Deciding upon an Objective / Course of Action
We match understanding between your company and ours about what we are striving to achieve through assessment, and decide upon a course of action and an objective.
Deciding the Scope of the Diagnostic and Methods of Testing
The diagnostic scope and the surveying methods are decided.
Execution of the Investigation
We investigate the state of operations of your company’s center, using various testing methods.
Analysis of the Results of the Tests
According to the results of the tests, current problems and future issues are brought to light.
Investigating a Course of Action Toward a Solution
We consider policies and procedures to solve worked-out problems and issues.
Report and Proposal
Reports on the investigation, analysis results, and courses of action to resolve issues are amassed and submitted.

The diagnostic scope & examination method in every sphere are considered from several angles, and the real issues are extracted

Many issues arising in contact centers are intricately interwoven. The assessment NTT Marketing ACT offers targets organization, structure, management, and every other sphere. Not just through surveys or interviews, but also through crucial call analysis and more, various methods of investigation are combined to make for a diverse and also detailed examination.

※Mystery Shopping, Call Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Survey and Employee Satisfaction Survey diagnostics are individually available as well.

Service Features

  • Remedial measures are proposed not as treatment, but as a course of reformation in anticipation of the future.
  • From assessment, processes that should be undertaken from now become clear.
  • As a result of cooperating with the survey, your company employees will change for the better, having a heightened sense of reformation.
  • Points to be improved will be found, allowing new business opportunities to arise.

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